Waterproof fixtures for high levels of humidity or dust

luminaria estancaIndustrial buildings with a high level of humidity or dust might need waterproof fixtures to meet standards and to help ensure an adequate level of security is attained. Airfal has  been manufacturing high quality lighting for the last 30 years , and has an extensive knowledge which we offer to enable you to choose the best solutions.

 Airfal offers a wide range of waterprooof luminaires, resistant to water, dust, vibration, low and high temperatures and shock for any industrial requirements.  These waterproof fittings are designed to reduce your energy consumption, with high energy efficiency, and they resist to corrosive environments. Airfal’s waterproof fittings are made with robust materials and high quality finishes. Furthermore, Airfal watertight luminaires are easy to install and maintain.

Airfal has developed a wide range of luminaires for a wide range of applications, with different levels of protection. Airfal watertight luminaires are perfectly suited for use in industrial premises, car parks, tunnels, bridges , technical areas , warehouses …

 Resist: a high quality tubular waterproof luminaire. Its 3.5 mm thick polycarbonate body gives it extraordinary shock resistance, with a protection rate of IK10. It is perfectly adapted to adverse conditions of dust and moisture due to its excellent sealing , obtaining a degree of protection IP68, submergible to a depth of 2 metres. I.

TR1 : This waterproof light fixture has been designed for use in industrial settings. The incorporation of high output filaments in this model renders it suitable for indoor use. Intended for installations requiring high efficiency and visual comfort, this waterproof model is appropriate for numerous architectural uses such as: General office lighting, offices, public areas, presentation rooms, business premises, bank branches… –

TR2 : A high quality tubular waterproof luminaire with maximum shock resistance, which supports hydrocarbons with no deterioration, obtaining a protection level of IP68, submergible to a depth of 2 metres. –

Tunnel : This watertight luminaire has been designed especially for use in tunnels, to absorb the vibrations generated by the vehicles that pass through these tunnels without affecting how it works. – its components are hard-wearing, lasting as much as three times longer than a conventional light fitting.

All the watertight luminaires of Airfal  comply with strict international standards and norms in accordance with the certificate DIN EN ISO 9001. Discover Airfal’s range of high quality  dust and waterproof luminaires.