This Wednesday, September 1, the 2019/2015 normative that regulates the new energy labeling of light sources comes into effect.

To understand this regulation well, it is essential to clarify the terms of ‘light source’ and ‘container product’:

  • Light source →electrically operated product intended to emit light or, in the case of non-incandescent light Source, to be possibly adjusted to emit light, or both.
  • Container product → product that contains one o more light sources or independent control mechanisms, or both. Luminaires are an example of a container product.

The obligations that suppliers of container products and light sources have are not the same. While the suppliers of container products (luminaires) must only provide information on the light sources contained. For their part, light source suppliers must incorporate the new energy efficiency label or have product information in the EPREL (European Product Database for Energy Labeling), among others.

Therefore, every user and / or consumer of lighting products should familiarize themselves with the new energy labeling, in which the simplification of the energy label stands out, returning to the initial scale from A to G.

This change in energy labeling seeks to provide clearer and more understandable information for consumers, and for them to perceive which is the most efficient option. It had been found that with the A +, A ++ and A +++ labels, the motivation to buy more efficient products was lower than that with the scale from A to G.

As a consequence of this rescaling of the energy efficiency classes, the most efficient products (which previously belonged to the A +++ class) will be assigned to the new classification with the aim of leaving room for improvement in the energy efficiency of the new products. Thus, classes A and B, the most efficient, will initially be deserted. It is important to emphasize that the product has not changed, that is, it does not consume more than before, what changes is the scale set by the letter on the label.

We must consider that this is not a fixed photo, since the light source distributors are going to work so that their products can reach the highest energy efficiency classes (A and B) as soon as possible.

In addition, these new labels will be reviewed when 30% of the products in the Community market receive the maximum classification (A) or when 50% are in bands A and B, to ensure their usefulness. The reason is that if most of the products are in the most efficient range there is no incentive for either consumers or manufacturers.

At Airfal, given that this Regulation eliminates the need to incorporate the specific energy label for luminaires (container product), the light source that each of our products incorporates will be identified by a new label on the product they contain.


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