Airfal receives the Solidar Two Star Merit Certificate

The Foundation Virgen del Pueyo held the second installment of Solidar Certificates from the Association of Solidarity Businesses of Aragon (Solidar). A total of 16 companies of Aragon were recognized with this distinction in a ceremony which was attended by the Director Provincial and Managing Director of the INAEM.

Airfal International received  the Solidar Two Star Merit Certificate  of the Association of Solidary Businesses  of Aragon. This distinction recognizes socially aware and responsible companies with people with intellectual disabilities. Also recognizes those who have shown their solidarity with these groups through the hiring of people with disabilities or the implementation of measures to encourage or provide jobs for this group.  Airfal has a program of Corporate Social Responsibility very rooted in the company views. Since its start, the company has been especially sensitive with this group. Currently, 85% of the Airfal luminaires are mounted on occupational workshops of ten foundations or entities working with the disability as Atades Huesca, Kairos or Picarral Foundation among others.

In addition, Airfal has in their own facilities with a occupational workshop of the Rey Ardid Foundation, as well as a Labor Point where Cerserpi people work. This measure seeks to encourage and promote their employability. Over the years it has been demonstrated, not only the viability of such projects, but also its success, since several of these users have achieved a position in various companies, including Airfal.

Solidar was born in the year 2010 and since then, works informing and encouraging solidarity actions between the businessmen of the community. Solidar aims to favour the identification of  all those institutions, entrepreneurs and professionals that meet, and even exceed, the legal requirements for the labour integration of people with disabilities, providing them with a sign stating it.  From Solidar three types of certificates are issued,  based on the involvement of the company with the RSC, highlighting the Three Star Exceptional Certificate. This year this award has gone to the Foundation Sesé, as recognition to the work that performs as Special Centre of employment  from  more than 6 years ago . Also, next to Airfal, 15 companies received the Solidar certificate, either in its basic form or merit.

The ceremony of the Solidar Certificates was held in the Foundation Virgen del Pueyo in Villamayor de Gallego, a center that provides comprehensive care to children, youth and adults with mental, physical or sensory disabilities. This organization has with a school, several centers special of employment, an occupational and day center, as well as a residential center, among other services.