Airfal International returns from the Hannover industrial fair satisfied with the results obtained and with a clear winner: the ATEX LED MAX  high bay for zone 2, 22. This model stands out for its resistance and versatility since it can be installed as a hood and as an industrial projector.

Airfal International returns after a week at the Hannover industrial fair with a good feeling of the German market and a clear protagonist: the ATEX LED MAX model.

The ATEX LED MAX luminaire was the most demanded in the consultations that Airfal received during the Hannover fair, which took place between the 1st and 5th of April in the German city. The model stands out for its versatility, since it can be installed both as a bell and as an industrial projector. This luminaire for explosive atmospheres of Zone 2, 22 has a protection against the impacts of IK07 and a protection against moisture and dust of IP66.

Manufactured with aluminum body, the ATEX LED MAX model can reach a gross emission of up to 26,800 lm with a power between 48 and 194W, which makes it perfect for spaces that require high luminosity or high-altitude locations, such as industrial warehouses, areas of loading and unloading of hazardous materials, or spaces of the oil industry.

The ATEX LED MAX luminaire has three types of optics to choose from, in order to cover any demand in the distribution of light.

  • Extensive symmetrical optics, to cover a wide area uniformly.
  • Intensive symmetrical optics, which allows concentrating light under the luminaire. This option would be the most interesting to focus light from a great height, or replace a traditional industrial bell.
  • Extensive asymmetrical optics. Ideal, from walls, to “bathe” with light the area in front of the wall, or driveways of vehicles within large industries.

Airfal, leader in ATEX lighting

ATEX lighting products have already become the hallmark of Airfal International and represent the maximum claim for customers. The high specification and the quality of its models distinguish it from other manufacturers or importers in the country. With more than 30 years in the lighting market, Airfal specializes in ATEX lighting thanks to its highly qualified team that is constantly trained to meet the needs of the market.

In addition to the ATEX LED MAX model, Airfal has numerous models for explosive atmospheres that can cover almost any need, thanks to luminaires such as WATEX, a sealed luminaire for zone 2, 22 with a degree of protection IP66 and IK07, or the Pyros model, a luminaire for zone 1, 21 with protection IK10 and IP66, among others in lighting model.

Airfal manufactures responsible luminaires

Airfal International manufactures its luminaires through Social Responsibility policies, since its high turnover models are assembled in occupational workshops that work for the social and labor insertion of people with intellectual disabilities. The Airfal models of high technical specification and for ATEX zones are manufactured entirely by a highly qualified team.

In addition, the company is committed to reconciling the work and professional life of its workers and is nourished by local and also responsible suppliers.