Lighting for the food processing industry

lighting food proecessingLighting in food processing facilities has its own specific lighting constraints. Some areas of critical production require specifically designed lighting solutions and light fixtures. Food processing and preparation areas are extremely critical environments. High visibility, and also well-distributed lighting is required in all food processing industries

Industry standards and regulations have very stringent requirements, which mean lighting for the food processing industry must meet particularly demanding criteria. The lighting fixtures must withstand rigorous cleaning protocols and also support extreme high and low temperatures.

Airfal provides cost-effective lighting solutions and offers a recognized expertise in lighting for the food processing environment, which enables us to meet the expectations of different food processing sectors such as meat processing facilities , the fish industry, fruit and vegetable fats (oils, margarines …) processing industries, dairy processing industries (cheese, yogurt, butter …), beverage manufacturing (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) or other food handling industries (bakery, chocolate, candy, spices …).
Airfal industrial luminaires offers an outstanding robustness and are specially designed with resistant materials for long lasting lighting in harsh environments. Translucent materials ensure better performance, improving the efficiency and safety of the facilities. Furthermore, the use of LED sources provides energy savings and low heat output, which is a suitable solution in some critical environments.

With waterproof light fittings designed to prevent the retention of dirt and lighting fixtures suited to withstand high and low temperatures, Airfal provides a wide range of lighting solutions for all applications in the food supply chain. Driven by the need to keep foods free of contaminants, the Airfal luminaires for the food processing industry have designed to meet the most stringent cleanliness standards.

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