Lighting of car maintenance pits and car garages

lighting car workshop Car maintenance pits, in car workshops, are located below the ground level, and they are used for vehicle repair. The work carried out in the pits involves the use of highly corrosive chemicals such as brake fluids , detergents , fats … As car maintenance pits are under the ground level, there are additional risks such as fires, explosions, poisoning related to vehicle exhaust , the fall of a person in the pit ….

To secure a car maintenance pit, any sources of ignition should be removed, as explosive vapors tend to accumulate at the bottom of the pit. When working in the car workshop, we shall make sure that all the electrical and lighting installations must be explosion and flameproof. A lighting level of 550 lux is sufficient to work safely. Ventilation shall also be efficient. In addition, luminaires used must be resistant to shocks that may be caused by falling metal parts.

For this reason, it is necessary to use luminaires perfectly suited to this environment. The Secure waterproof light fixture, created by Airfal, has an IP68 protection. It offers a comprehensive level of protection against dust and against infiltrations. This light fixture is also IK -10, which is the highest level of protection against shock applicable to luminaires. It was specifically designed for ATEX zones 2 and 22 , and is therefore suitable for installation in locations where there are explosive gases or dust . This luminaire is perfectly suitable for lighting of repair and inspection areas of vehicles in garages and car workshops.